What to Store in Mud Room Cabinets

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If your home is like many American homes, you probably have a mud room—a place located by your front or back door where everyone can remove their shoes before coming into the main living area. You may also have mud room cabinets, where you can store all kinds of belongings and keep them out of sight. But what exactly should you store in your mud room cabinets? We have a few ideas.

What to Store in Mud Room Cabinets

Here are some examples of things to store in your mud room cabinets:

  • Shoes- Storing shoes in your mud room cabinets is a good idea because your family can access them easily before walking out the door, and you don’t have to worry about keeping dirty or smelly shoes in the bedrooms.
  • Coats and Jackets- If you have tall cabinets, you might think about hanging some hooks inside to store your family’s outerwear. Having your winter coats, raincoats, and jackets by the door means you won’t have to run around looking for them on cold or rainy mornings.
  • Bags- Anything goes. You could store your personal bags, reusable shopping bags, or even kids’ backpacks in your mud room cabinets.
  • Umbrellas- Keeping your umbrellas in your mud room cabinets right by the door is really convenient. Sometimes, you might not notice it’s raining outside until you open the door, so it’s nice when your umbrellas are close by the door, especially if you’re running late.
  • Outdoor Toys or Supplies- You could also keep your kid’s outdoor toys or art supplies in your mud room cabinets. For example, you might keep chalk or jump ropes there,

If you don’t have mud room cabinets yet, but you would like to incorporate some, you can turn to us at The Cabinet Guys for custom cabinets. You can even use this article to brainstorm ideas about how spacious, tall, or narrow you want your mud room cabinets to be. Contact us today to learn more.