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We are a cabinet builder who puts quality above everything else.

If you’ve ever worked with a contractor before on any type of home improvement project, you probably expect delays in communication, delays in your project, and a mediocre experience at best. At The Cabinet Guys, we’re working hard to change that, and our customers in Columbus, Ohio consistently report that working with us was much, much better than working with any other contractor.

Cabinet Builder in Columbus, Ohio

Why? For starters, we care about making our customers happy. We don’t just want our customers to be happy with the new cabinetry we design and build for them; we want them to be happy with the entire process as well. This means delivering on our promises, working efficiently, and never cutting corners to ensure absolute quality.

If your remodeling your kitchen start with the cabinets first.

As a cabinet builder, this also means providing plentiful options for materials and design. Whether you want to completely redo the cabinetry configuration in your kitchen or simply replace the vanities in your master bathroom, we are more than ready to complete the project. Since every job we do is completely custom, we have no problem taking on special requests and delivering on our promises for thoughtful design.

We are experienced, passionate cabinet builders, and we are always eager to take on new projects and challenges. For an estimate on new cabinetry for your home, or to find out more about what makes us different as the premier cabinet builder in the area, reach out to us today.

FAQs About Working with a Cabinet Builder

Before you hire any contractor to do work on your home, you should always take the time to do your research first. If you are interested in working with our cabinet builders here at The Cabinet Guys, we expect you to have questions. To make your research process easier, we have assembled a few of our most frequently asked questions below for you to check out.

Is hiring a cabinet builder worth it?

While opinions will vary, we firmly believe that custom cabinets are a worthwhile investment that will add a great deal of value and function to your home. Our experienced builders will create cabinets that fit your space’s unique measurements and maximize your available storage space, and we’ll also build them to be tough and durable so that they’ll last for years to come. On top of that, we use only the best materials to make sure your new cabinets are a beautiful addition to your home.

What are the advantages of custom cabinets?

Our cabinet builders take a variety of steps to make sure our cabinets are of higher quality than mass-produced models. The most important of these steps is that we use traditional joinery, meaning that we use dovetail and similar joints, rather than nails and screws, to fit all the pieces together. These joints prevent the wood from expanding and contracting as much with temperature and humidity changes, which makes them stronger and more durable, and ensures that they last longer.

At The Cabinet Guys, our cabinet builders serve customers in Columbus, Delaware, Dublin, Grove City, Westerville, and Worthington, Ohio.

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