I want to thank the owner for providing us with beautiful custom cabinets at a fair price. He had a previous employee who made a measuring mistake and quoted us wrong. The business owner did the right thing, took ownership of the problem, came to an agreeable price with us and provided such a wonderful product. We recommend The Cabinet Guys to all friends who ask.

- Horujko A.

Remodeling our kitchen with cabinets purchased from The Cabinet Guys was a great decision. The product is high-quality, and Jonathan was knowledgeable and helpful along the way.

- Griffen G.

We worked with Jonathan to have our kitchen cabinets remodeled. We originally thought of refinishing the doors and boxes only, but the quality of their products and pricing made replacing the cabinets a no-brainer. He provided recommendations and insight on things that would amplify what we were trying to achieve, and it never felt like we were being upsold. He listened to our needs, understood our budget, and made recommendations accordingly. Some additional features we are glad we added in were the crown molding, and the light rail to accent the tops and bottoms of our cabinets. The company they recommended (Premier Remodeling) did an outstanding job on the install and took their time, which was appreciated. These two worked side by side to make sure communication was clearly sent to us when needed and scheduling was taken care of behind the scenes. The time of delivery to install was only a few days. On site they made a few small recommendations on how to position the moldings and hardware, which made a big difference in the outcome of the project. I highly recommend anyone looking for a refresh of cabinets in any space of the home to check these guys out. We were extremely happy with the price, service, and quality all the way around.

- Aaron H.

We renovated our kitchen with The Cabinet Guys, everything but the appliances. Gary and his team were so very helpful in creative design as well as cost savings. The end result: delivered on time, great attention to detail and our preferences, cleaned up each day, and a beautiful new look. They work with their affiliate, The Granite Guys, and coordinated our desire to look at another granite supplier to get the look we wanted. Thanks, guys.

- Teri P.

Awesome, awesome, awesome service, price, and staff. I will use again. Give them a shout for your needs.

- Kim S.

This is one of the best home improvement companies in Columbus, OH. They remodeled my entire kitchen. Everyone was extremely friendly and answered all of my many questions. I recommend The Cabinet Guys. 10-star company.

- Samuel B.

Wow! Fast service. Super friendly. Great quality. Thanks for taking great care of my clients!!!!!

- Mitchell P.

We recently remodeled our master bath, guest bath and laundry room. Tad helped us find a navy blue cabinet that we absolutely fell in love with. He also helped us find a great company to install our new cabinetry. We liked them so much, they will be doing our basement remodel in the fall. Great experience and very low pressure.

- Cory S.

My wife and I are very pleased with both the level of service as well at the end product for our kitchen. We would definitely recommend working with The Cabinet Guys and will do so for any future projects!

- TheYearIs20XX

My wife and I recently remodeled our kitchen and master bath. We were very pleased with our experience at The Cabinet Guys. My wife especially liked the design process and how much time they spent on designing her dream kitchen. We would absolutely recommend their designers to anyone looking for cabinetry.

- Ryan G.

I worked with a few different shops, but in reality I had made my decision to work with The Cabinet Guys from the onset. Great in-person customer service is sometimes hard to come by these days with the Amazons of the world. Not at The Cabinet Guys. I worked primarily with Julie, but Keith was just as eager to help answer any questions and make sure we were making the right decisions for my kitchen remodel. I felt like we were truly partners and getting the best design/layout and meeting my individual needs — not just getting more product or fancier upgrades just to get them. If you are shopping on a budget the price is great, but the integrity was the difference maker.

- Aaron H.

We used these folks to help us create an awesome bar in our basement. They were fantastic to work with, had great ideas and helped us build exactly what we envisioned. Now, our basement is THE place to be for Buckeye games and parties. The people were great, and it was as if we were working with a group of friends on a project. I highly recommend them!

- Cheryl M.

I’ve referred several clients over to The Cabinet Guys, All were very happy with their work and the final product. I will continue to refer them in the future!

- Jonathan M.

I recently purchased kitchen cabinets from The Cabinet Guys, and they were beautiful and well built! They have an awesome staff that made the purchase easy. I recommend them for anyone in the market for new cabinets!

- Jason G.

I have been in the real estate business for close to 10 years, and The Cabinet Guys are by far the best. I use them on all of my projects!

- Justin C.

Can’t say enough good things about The Cabinet Guys! Highly recommended!

- Mike Y.

Gary Sr. is my go-to for kitchen design and cabinets. He provides me with a drawing on each job and has a wide range of options for my clients. I’m a big fan of their Shiloh line because of the paint and finish options

- Austin B.

I recently remodeled a master bathroom with cabinets I purchased from Gary at The Cabinet Guys. We made multiple trips to the store as questions arose, and Gary was always helpful. Gary wanted to make sure that what he spec’d out for us would work, so he came to the house and measured it himself. At one point in the process, we realized that the doors on the linen cabinet were going to be too large. Gary was able to change our order and provide other cabinets that met the need that we like even more than the original ones. This was not a large cabinet order, but Gary treated us like it was. He was concerned about our budget and making sure that we were happy. He also answered our calls while he was on vacation! This is why you don’t go to the big box stores for major (to us) purchases.

- Paul B.

We ordered a vanity, and it came in very quickly, even during COVID. It was exactly what we ordered and looks great. Jonathan was helpful, professional and friendly. Great experience all around.

- Jennifer M.

Jonathan worked with me to complete our new house with a glass cabinet. Very responsive even during COVID. He even dropped the cabinet off on my front porch. Best service, nice guys. The J&K cabinet looks great and completes the set. Thanks!

- David H.

I had my original kitchen redone. Everyone was great from the sales staff to the installation guys. The installation crew and backsplash installers were very meticulous and took pride in their work.

- Jim C.

Awesome and timely service by everyone! They were able to complete the job right before the holidays. Contact them for any needs of your own before going anywhere else!

- Michael S.

The service with The Cabinet Guys was amazing. We are more than happy with what they were able to do with our kitchen! Thanks!

- Martie S.

Great service and exceeded expectations. I was able to use their services to help remodel my parents’ kitchen as a surprise, and they loved it! I would highly recommend for any of your needs!

- Devin S.

Love this company. Their communication and customer service are on point. I had Tad help me with my design, and it came out perfect.

- Sam M.

Tad did an amazing job helping me design my kitchen. Easy people to work with, as well as great one-on-one interaction. 5/5 recommendation. Great service.

- Michael L.

We had a great experience working with The Cabinet Guys. Julie was awesome! She eased the stress of our kitchen remodel by going above and beyond to make sure the whole process was smooth. We highly recommend The Cabinet Guys.

- Jodi K.

Great quality products with choices for all budgets. Very responsive and friendly staff. I would highly recommend to anyone needing cabinets for custom homes to rental properties.

- Todd S.

After a less-than-great experience at a big box store, we called Keith at the recommendation of a former coworker. The experience my wife and I had with The Cabinet Guys was a complete pleasure. We highly recommend to anyone looking for great service and follow-up.

- Ron B.

I loved the cabinets I got from The Cabinet Guys. Keith was super responsive and about half the price of big box stores. Everyone raves about our new kitchen. Twice as good for half the price. A no-brainer.

- Daniel W.

Very happy with service and cabinets. Super quick ordering and installation process. Thank to The Cabinet Guys!

- Al T.

I was more than pleased with my experience with The Cabinet Guys. They were both professional and skilled, leaving me with the most beautiful kitchen of my dreams. I would highly recommend them for your kitchen remodel!

- Terra S.

I received my cabinets from The Cabinet Guys and was very happy with them. They look great in my new kitchen. I had a small issue with one cabinet, and it was fixed the next day with no questions asked. I was really pleased with the customer service. Thank you again, Cabinet Guys!

- Austin M.

Keith was amazingly helpful – he steered me clear of a few design mistakes and was always willing to try new design setups when I had questions. They were very quick and priced VERY competitively. I paid about $3,000 less with The Cabinet Guys than I would have with a big box store, and I got higher quality materials. I loved working with them! We chose to order Wolf quick-ship cabinets, as we were in a rush to actually have a kitchen as soon as possible, and the cabinets arrived within a week! Much better than the 6-8 week lead time of most cabinets. Wolf did forget a piece, but they mailed it and it arrived within days — they were very responsive to the issues we had with the missing cabinet.

- Anonymous

I have purchased cabinets from The Cabinet Guys multiple times, and I’m always happy with the service, communication, and quality of the cabinets. Chrissy is always happy to help, responsive, and creative with the cabinet design. I couldn’t be happier and will continue to partner with them on future projects.

- Jason M.

I met Jonathan Pierpoint and his wife while on vacation. There are not many people you can meet and become very good friends and even call family in just a few days, but Jonathan and his wife Allie are those people. While on vacation, Jonathan would talk about work. You can tell when he talked about it that he was passionate about it. He would even take time out of his vacation to check his emails and do some work. He was very insistent about loving to make the customer happy. Keep in mind he was not trying to sell me cabinets. He just loved to talk about it. This is the type of service everyone should be looking for. I am very happy to have made new friends! I look forward to many good times with them.

- Kirby W.

Very knowledgeable and great at working with my busy schedule. They really made working on my kitchen much less complicated than I initially thought. I know who to reach out to next time.

- Hazley Team

OMG. Need I say amazing?! I called because I needed to get clips for my under-mound for my kitchen sink because I currently have none. Jonathan was incredible. He could’ve brushed me off and sent me somewhere else to another number, and it would’ve been a nightmare to try to find a contractor to want to install clips. He actually got the clips for me and also found a contractor who would be willing to install them for me. Super nice! Not many people would go out of their way to help you out. Thank you so much, Jonathan!

- Vicki R.

Great service, great employees, and even better experience. The work they did for my garage is unmatched. Thank you, Cabinet Guys!

- Colleen F.

The work done by The Cabinet Guys was incredible. Our cabinets in the kitchen turned out beautiful, and the installation process was super quick and simple! Just in time for the holidays!

- Emily L.

Wow, can’t say enough about this company!!! Fast service and great quality!! Highly recommend.

- Alexis K.

Great selection and very knowledgeable design staff. Highly recommend!

- Chrissy B.

Working with The Cabinet Guys has been a pleasure! They were experienced, knowledgeable and had good communication. I highly recommend The Cabinet Guys!

- Jermaine F.

A wonderful experience. The Cabinet Guys gave me exactly what I asked for and went above and beyond my expectations. I will be recommending these guys to everyone I meet.

- Matthew H.

The Cabinet Guys provided terrific customer service. Fast and great design help, not to mention at an extremely fair price! I would recommend The Cabinet Guys to anyone looking to transform their home, with a touch of quality!

- Zach W.

We decided to have all of our cabinets replaced due to water damage, and I cannot say enough great things about this company. A great price, efficient installers, and the cabinets look fantastic!!! Thank you for all of your help!

- Alex G.

Thanks, Cabinet Guys, for providing these killer cabinets in my house in German Village. It’s hitting the market next week, and now I’m sure it will fly off the market! None of the competition can touch my kitchen now! Julie did a great job helping me lay out the kitchen. I was very pleased with the quality of the cabinets, and the price was totally fair. We will be using Julie for a master bath remodel in the near future.

- Justin H.

We have used The Cabinet Guys exclusively on our last 17 remodeling projects. Their customer service has been fantastic, and their prices have been more than fair. In the rare instance of a challenge, their staff has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help resolve the situation quickly.

- David N.

Great cabinets and an awesome showroom! You cannot go wrong with The Cabinet Guys. Their unique location offers so many selections, and you can check out other vendors at the same time (The Granite Guys). Thank you for being so easy to work with!

- B. Thompson

Great company!! Dave, Jay, Tara and the whole office staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly and will be with you every step of the way to get you the pricing and service you desire. Highly recommend!!!

- Ryan R.

Fantastic materials and options to go along with their high-level service! Highly recommend!

- Bradley M.

I saw the showroom recently, and the cabinets are top notch. I will be using these guys for my next project. The customer service was bar-none, and they answered all my questions.

- Jared F.

Keith made this order a great and easy process. He has gone above and beyond with helping me with any questions that I had. I highly recommend!

- Anonymous