The Role of Cabinets in Bathroom Design

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Even if you’re not well-versed in interior design principles, you can recognize how important cabinets are in your bathroom. They serve your space in a variety of ways, and the role they play deserves to be discussed at length. However, we want to just briefly touch on the role of cabinets in bathroom design today.

The Role of Cabinets in Bathroom Design


  • Adding color, style, dimension, etc. – The cabinets are one of the largest elements in your bathroom, so they certainly have an impact on your bathroom design. They provide depth, and depending on the paint or stain color, the hardware, the door style, or other features you choose, your cabinets can create all kinds of different looks.
  • Hiding the plumbing – The plumbing under your sink is necessary, but you probably don’t want to see it. Cabinets hide the plumbing so you can enjoy a neat bathroom design that doesn’t feature unappealing pipes.


  • Providing storage space – Design is about more than just appearances. A great bathroom design will also ensure that your family’s needs are taken into account. The cabinets provide the storage space you need to keep toiletries and other essentials organized.
  • Holding up the sink and counter – Without cabinets, your sink and countertop would have nothing to support them, meaning you wouldn’t be able to use your bathroom as you intended to.

Cabinets are extremely important to bathroom design. If you’re looking for custom bathroom cabinets, contact us at The Cabinet Guys to learn more. We’re cabinet makers who offer superior products and unmatched customer service. Let us know if you have questions.