The Best Way to Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, and this means it is going to see a lot of use! Here at The Cabinet Guys, we want to help you enjoy your cabinets in all the important spaces in your home. If you are looking to clean off some of your kitchen cabinets, then we have some great tips to ensure a safe, thorough clean.

The Best Way to Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

First, choose your kitchen cabinetry cleaner carefully. You shouldn’t use anything with bleach, as this can discolor your cabinets and ruin the finish. You’ll also want to avoid scrubbing the cabinetry with anything abrasive. That means no steel wool or scrubby sponges! Before you clean all the cabinets, test your cleaner on the back of a door or an area that isn’t obvious so you can ensure that it won’t discolor the space. Make your own cleaning solution with some warm water, a little bit of vinegar and gentle dish soap.

Next, watch where you spray your cleaners. Avoid the hinges when possible, since these can rust. You’ll also want to be careful to spray judiciously. Using too much water can be problematic and cause your cabinetry to swell or warp.

Finally, take the time to dry your kitchen cabinets after cleaning, preferably with a microfiber cloth. These are extra absorbent and very soft, so there will not be any worries of scratching.

We hope this has been helpful for cleaning your kitchen cabinets. For more information on the care and cleaning of kitchen cabinetry, please contact us today.