What Types of Custom Cabinets Can You Have in Your Home?

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Cabinets are an excellent way to save space and provide necessary storage for cooking, cleaning, personal, and miscellaneous items. Not only are cabinets functional, but they can also be unique and decorative in their design.

What Types of Custom Cabinets Can You Have in Your Home?

Whether you install custom cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom, you can use them to improve the layout of your home. Here are a few examples of types of custom cabinets you can have in the different rooms of your home:

  • Kitchen: Start with your new kitchen cabinets by determining what kind of doors you want for your cabinets. You can have the traditional cabinet doors that typically come in variations of wood, or you can opt for glass doors to make the contents in the cabinets visible. Shake things up a bit by making your doors swing or slide. Then, you can vary in the layout and placement of the cabinets. You can have your cabinets inset in your walls, or you can build storage within an island counter.
  • Bathroom: Complete the look of your stylish bathroom by adding in floating cabinets and shelves or installing a set of inset cabinets. You can play around with the placement and spacing of the cabinets, whether you have drawers, cabinets, or shelves. Custom bathroom cabinets can be placed around a vanity, along a bathtub, into a blank wall, or above a toilet.

To explore more custom ideas, and to get started on the project of building custom cabinets for your home, call our team at The Cabinet Guys today.