4 Smart Tips for Organizing Bathroom Cabinets

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Spending time in your bathroom is going to be done daily, often multiple times per day. Whether you are enjoying a relaxing evening in a bubble bath or rushing to get ready and out the door, having a beautiful and organized bathroom can make it a more enjoyable place to spend your time. Here at The Cabinet Guys, we provide our clients with beautiful bathroom cabinets and would like to make your day more streamlined with some of these smart bathroom cabinet organization tips. Consider the following:

1.   Utilize the cabinet doors. Make the most of your cabinet space by treating the bathroom cabinet doors as extra storage space. With adhesive, over-the-door hooks or options that drill into the door, many people find this a great space to store small towels, make-up, toiletries, or even styling products and tools.

4 Smart Tips for Organizing Bathroom Cabinets

2.   Consider some open shelves. Open shelves can help to get items off of your countertop and keep the space from looking too cluttered. Basic supplies, toiletries, and even towels arranged nicely on open shelving can free up a lot of room in your bathroom cabinets.

3.   Divide the drawers. Choose drawer dividers that will help you to corral all the items you need every day. This will keep things from falling over when you open and close the doors, making everything easier to find.

4.   Add a lazy susan in deep cabinets. If your cabinet boxes are deep, then a turntable or pull-out shelf addition is very helpful to ensure the best use of the space and help you reach things at the back without pulling everything out.

If you have questions about bathroom cabinets or would like other organizational tips, please give us a call today!